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Modern Produce Farms, Inc., is owned and operated by the Jarocki family, now in it's fourth-generation. Located in the historic Black Dirt region of New York.


Frank Jarocki, Sr.’s father came from Poland in the 1930's and started farming the "black dirt." He grew 12 acres of onions. In 1949 Frank Jarocki, Sr. began farming. In 1950 Frank Sr. began packing his own onions for the market. In 1981, Frank Jarocki, Jr., joined his father in the operations of the farming. Frank Jr., oversees all the growing and harvesting of onions. By 1970 Frank Sr., began a large-scale commercial onion packaging facility. Today we re-pack into consumer friendly packages. Since onions are not available locally on a year-round basis we maintain a constant inventory. Modern Produce Farms onions (yellows, reds and whites) can be found in many grocery stores along the East Coast as well as in the kitchens of many local restaurants.



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